Our projects

The most important thing is the comparison. Of course, the best way is to visit one of the completed objects and feel the heat but it is not always possible.

You will receive a detailed quote from us after submitting your home plan. Our experience is great in this calculation. It’s worth talking to our experts, because the savings are great if you get advice. You can also talk to our customers and ask about their experience.

With us you are dealing with a team of experts who develop advanced technologies and bring them to market. Of course, there are other infrared heating sellers in the world, but they are gradually becoming our resellers and partners.

After many years of testing, the thermodynamics of low-temperature IR and low-voltage heating is finally understood and accepted. Panels, marble, convection and other heaters are, of course, not efficient enough for an economical, healthy, and clean future.

You rely on our team of professionals to install the most important system in your home or apartment: your heating.