Paint heating

We have been the official representative of Heizsysteme GmbH (Germany) products in Ukraine for 4 years. Scientists and founders of this technology have seen thousands of homes, tested hundreds of mixes for heating systems, and spent endless hours in the lab for you.

The high efficiency, environmental friendliness, versatility and ease of installation of this heating system is gaining more and more popularity every year, both among individuals and businesses. Apartments, private homes, shops, restaurants and hotels, offices, spa salons and medical centers are just a small list of already successfully completed projects.


The most important thing is the comparison. Of course, the best way is to visit one of the completed objects and feel the heat but it is not always possible.

You will receive a detailed quote from us after submitting your home plan. Our experience is great in this calculation. It's worth talking to our experts, because the savings are great if you get advice. You can also talk to our customers and ask about their experience.


All traditional heating methods, starting with burning wood, gas or oil and ending with heat pumps, use convection heat. They heat the air from which the room is subsequently heated. This principle is accompanied by uneven and often uncomfortable heat distribution in the room.

As the warm air rises, convection results in the accumulation of cold air near the floor and warm under the ceiling. Therefore, if people want to feel the heat in the room, they need to heat the entire volume of air in this room.


HEATING PAINT is an invisible infrared heating in walls or ceiling. We have been specializing in the implementation of an innovative heating system for 4 years. Low-temperature infrared technology has many advantages over any other heating systems