Advantages of the infrared heating system

HEATING PAINT is an invisible infrared heating in walls or ceiling. We have been specializing in the implementation of an innovative heating system for 4 years. Low-temperature infrared technology has many advantages over any other heating systems:

  • It is not necessary to insulate the facade of the house
  • Don’t require additional ventilation
  • No fuel storage facilities required
  • The boiler room is not needed
  • No need to store the combustible materials

The heat we radiate through our skin has the same radiation band in which our heating paint works. This radiation is absolutely harmless to the body because it is emitted at temperatures that are close to the temperature of the human body. The lower temperatures of about 42°C and the large heating give a uniform distribution of heat indoors and create a very pleasant climate.

Intelligent management (smart home technology) can save you extra costs.

Thanks to years of experience, we offer comprehensive solutions that also include energy efficiency analysis of your premises and the appropriate thermal isolation of exterior walls and ceilings so that no heat is lost in the brickwork.

Other advantages include:

  • fast installation
  • no noise
  • no dirt
  • no major repairs for installation
  • a clean solution to many problems, including accessible insulation
  • low purchase costs
  • ability to connect each room separately through a smart home
  • simple and accurate accounting of heating costs

It can be used as the main heating system or as additional wall heating (drying); prevents the appearance of moisture and mold in old or new buildings; not visible in conversion (no pipes, no batteries, no boiler); wall, ceiling or floor.

Advantages of energy-saving low voltage technology(24V):

  • large surface area that emit heat
  • uniform heat distribution on the walls and ceiling
  • no risk of electric shock
  • heat don’t lost though the ventilation
  • can work from wind and sun energy
  • nails and holes in the wall do not cause problems
  • lower power consumption
  • low temperature hysteresis
  • no overheating of the room
  • different width of the heating strip (30-60 cm)
  • very high system flexibility, possible to install on uneven, structured surfaces
  • heating lanes can have up to 12 meters which means fast heating of the room